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Hello, I'm graduating nursing school in 7 weeks and there is a particular area I'm interested in working (NICU). I saw an opening on the unit at a local, moderately sized hospital. I called HR 3x to talk to the nurse recruiter to ask if they hire new grads or allow students to shadow a nurse or set up my own preceptorship in this area. The recruiter has never called me back.

My question is: Do NICU's usually allow shadowing? Do hospitals actually allow students to set up there own preceptorship outside of school? (my school doesn't do it). Who would be the best person to contact about this, or even just to inquire about the position?

Thank you

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HR would be the place to find the answers to your questions. I highly doubt they will hire a new grad for a position in that specialty. You can also call the facility and ask for the Nurse manager of the NICU and speak to them directly.

I wish you the best. Early Congratulations.!

I know of a NICU in my area that hired a GN. The PICU in that same hospital hired a GN from the same class. Not that that means anything for you, but just that it's not unheard of.

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If you are not currently in a school program the hospital might hesitate to have you shadow. You are not currently covered by the you had as a student, you are really just someone off the street (no official status), there are risks of HIPAA violations and infection control is a consideration.

Once you are hired these resolve. So I would focus on trying to get hired. Even if you start in Pedi or the well baby nursery as a GN you can transfer to NICU later. Try to get in ANY position in the maternal child area so manager will get to know you and you will get to know the job

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Im currently a RN student. I graduate in a month and a half.

Id try to call and talk to the NICU manager myself but i know she's never call me back

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