Shadowing Nurses in San Diego/Riverside Area? :)


Hi everyone!

I'm a pre-nursing, recent UCLA graduate interested in shadowing a nurse for a day. I've been calling hospitals and clinics like crazy but it seems almost impossible to shadow a nurse without being a nursing student... :(

Are there any nurses out there in the San Diego to Riverside area that would be kind enough to help me? I'd really, really appreciate it. :)

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I've never heard of this and for liability purposes, I don't think it would be possible. Nurses are covered under the hospital's insurance and nursing students are covered under the school's insurance. I think you would be better off just interviewing some nurses at this point.


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Liability should not be an issue, they shouldn't be doing any direct or indirect patient care while shadowing. I shadowed before school. The only thing you really should have to do is sign a HIPPA waiver.

I've heard of plenty of people shadowing. The best way is going to be getting in touch with a nurse directly or a nurse manager. Sorry I'd offer to let you shadow but I'm out of the state at the moment.

Good luck.

Thank you guys! :D I'll keep trying and look into the HIPPA agreement. I really hope that something comes up! :)


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Try volunteering at a hospital. That way you can ask the nurses questions, help out with patient requests, etc. Typically, privacy policies may prohibit you from shadowing, but volunteering once a week is a great way to build your resume and immerse yourself into the environment.


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Hello there, I am also interested in shadowing a nurse in the area. I've been finding it difficult too to get in touch with someone whom I can shadow. Could you offer any assistance or advice? I would much appreciate it! Thanks!