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I have made one other post here and everyone was so helpful, so I'm back..... :confused:

So... I am VERY interested in shadowing a NICU nurse, or getting into a volunteer/cuddler program. I have been in the medical field for over 10 years (currently in Ophthalmology - BOOORRRING !).

I am starting nursing school this spring (finishing up my pre-reqs this semester)... WOO-HOO :D

BUT, I don't want to wait, I want to be in it, NOW. I have had a significant exposure to NICU (my little sister was a preemie, less than 2 lbs) and I was there EVERYDAY ! I fell in love with the environment. I want to help these babies and be there for their parents. I am ANXIOUS to start and would just love the opportunity to get in the door before I graduate.

Any suggestions? Anyone out there in NICU in Dallas? Anyone know how one goes about getting someone to shadow? Do you have to know someone who is a NICU nurse?

SORRY, this is WAY longer than I planned !!



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It's great to hear your enthusiasm! You might want to contact some of the larger hospitals in your area to see if they accept volunteers in the NICU.

But getting your foot in the door will be easier if you "know" someone. Talk to your instructors, your personal physician, neighbors who work at the local hospitals, anyone who could introduce you a staff member in the unit. Good luck!


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I think I can help. Check your PM.

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Have you tried this thread? I think there was something...wait...let me find it.




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I can't help you with your question. Just wonted to share the same feelings for NICU in relation to other fields.

Good luck with your nursing school! And remember:

"Everybody with intellectual capacity and good training can became a doctor but to be nurse you must have still more capacities as well".

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