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Hello Everybody..

I was offered a position with a LTC facility but I have to do a Shadow Evaluation as a CNA before they continue the hiring process. Can anyone tell me what this consists of?? I just follow a nurse or another CNA around all day for 8 hours?..please help, Thanks!!!

I can't say for sure, but you probably WILL be following another CNA for day. They most likely will be watching you to see how you interact with the residents and how you work and whether they think you would be a good fit for the facility. The CNA's evaluation of you would determine whether or not they hired you "for real." My :twocents:.

You'll probably be with another aide and have to complete a checklist of skills that you need to know.

Specializes in 12 years exp in corporate healthcare.

Thank u guys for giving men an idea of what I might look forward to on that day!

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