SFSU BSN Fall 2017


Hi guys!

Anyone here has applied to SFSU BSN program for Fall 2017? I got an invitation to an interview next Wednesday and am super nervous about it.

anyone else in the same boat? hopefully we can help each other out :)


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Congrats on getting an interview! I applied to the on-campus 2nd baccalaureate BSN program and haven't heard back about an interview.

Good luck though!


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Hi Shireen,

How did your interview go? I had mine on Thursday and they're supposed to let us know by the end of the month. I hope you feel like it went well!

One thing I've found unique about SFSU's process is how numbers-based the process seems to be. The interview was interesting (we're not supposed to give any details) and I've been surprised that there's no place for personal statements or letters of recommendation in the application.

I re-entered school last year after working for 15 years and have pulled a 4.0 since then, including this past Fall when I took Anatomy, MB and Physiology all at the same time. Hopefully that will count for something!

i haven't heard back yet, but here's a little about me:

37 y/o M

prereq GPA 3.93

overall GPA 3.06

TEAS 93.3% (99th percentile)

I'm also lucky this application season in that I've at least figured out that I'll be going to SFSU either way. I'm transferring in as a senior, so if I don't make it into the BSN program I'll be on track to graduate with a BA in economics next May, and then go into a program like SMU's ABSN.

Anyone else waiting to hear from SFSU?


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Wow you have great stats! good job:)

I thought the interview went ok, but it was def challenging. they are actually supposed to let us know by the end of this week, i called them and thats what they said. When was your interview? I interviewed on Wednesday March 29th, and when I asked they said they only interviewed Tuesday and Wednesday of that week, a total of 40 candidates, so I am surprised to hear you were interviewed on Thursday.

My stats:

GPA 3.89

TEAS 86.7% 96th percentile

Volunteered over a 100 hours in both ER and Homeless clinic.

They only have 20 spots so I am worried :( I did get into SDSU but would rather go to SFSU!

Good Luck :)


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I received an acceptance email around 5pm today, good luck to everyone who is waiting!


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I received it too! I guess we will be meeting soon! Congrats :)


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Congrats!! :) Can't wait to meet you! Did you mention that they only had 20 spots for fall 2017? I thought they have around 40 seats available, this sounds intense >.

I received it too! I guess we will be meeting soon! Congrats :)


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When I asked about it in the office after the interview they said only 20 spots!

here is my email - and i can give you my phone # if you send me a message directly. shireenn415@gmail.com

Again, CONGRATS :)


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Hey everyone!

Congrats to everyone who got in! I did, as well. So, we only have one week to reserve a spot? I'm waiting on my other admissions, but they won't be announced until the end of the month. Anxious about what to do!


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Hello everyone and congrats to those of you who got accepted! I also have been accepted and am currently trying to decide which school I want to attend out of this one, Stanislaus, and possibly Sac state. Have any of you spoken to any alumni in this program? I really want to know more information before making my decision!

Here's a little about me:

19 y/o female, bilingual, current CSULB student

Pre-Req GPA - 3.857; GE GPA - 4.0

TEAS: 89.5

volunteer at VA Hospital Long Beach and Kaiser Permanente


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Hello Everyone,

I didn't receive a interview invitation to the SF STATE main campus program, but I did receive an interview invitation for the program at Canada College in Redwood City. I was wondering for those of you who got into the program, did any of you come to the interview with a resume on hand? Should the interview be something to be worried about? Thanks in advance!


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Hey folks,

I got my response Thursday night - I was accepted! Looks like I'll see some of you in the fall :).