SFN, POTS, Dysautonomia


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I have 27 yrs in the medical field starting off as an ALS first responder and ending up as a private duty pediatric vent nurse. I have a progressive disorder that has finally been diagnosed as SFN, POTS, Dysautonomia. I have been released from an assignment after a severe attack of chest pain. I have vasal Vegal Syncope. My left side is in constant pain that feels like a “Charlie Horse” encompassing my left side. I’m trying to find a telemed job with no luck. I fear I may have to file disability as working directly with patients in homes or in facilities is out of the question. Trying to deal with life changes, my ID as a caregiver, the fact that I cant get a job and the possibility of filing for disability. I need feedback please.

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Can’t help but wonder what assistance your employer has offered. You may need the services of an attorney that specializes in disability. I’m sure you know how difficult and time consuming the process is. Start with your PCP. Somebody has to be able to help you. Best wishes.