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Hi. I'm from California with all my prerequisites completed. I have majority As and Bs. TEAS score 69%-could've done better but I did not study or review, just took it on a wing LOL, I applied to LOTS of LVN-RN bridge program, landed couple interviewed but never got in. I have 10yrs experience and have been looking into SOUTH
FLORIDA COLLEGE OF NURSING in Doral, Florida. It's a relatively new school and is accredited. I was wondering if anyone have attended this college and can share their experience? Please & thank you!

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The school does have programmatic accreditation (ACEN) which will ensure they will probably be in business for the next couple of years. 

However scroll down on the page I cite and you will see there is no assurance California will accept the program. I am glad you are asking here to see if someone else from California obtained California licensure. 



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