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Sexual Orientation Sensitivity Training


Today for my Rural Public Health clinical orientation we had a Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual sensitivity seminar. I learned a LOT that i didnt know. Since this can be such a big issue for health professionals, either not understanding, believing myths, and health concerns important to that culture. I thought it was WONDERFUL!

We also had a religious beliefs seminar about VooDoo, Hindu, Muslim, and several other groups. It was about what they believe, what they think happens to the soul after death, beliefs about medicine and healthcare. We learned a lot about Navaho, Cashmir (Northern India).

I was wondering if any of you have had programs like these? Either in your programs, or through your campus?

If you have the opportunity to attend these, I recommend that you do so! Very Informational, and very interesting. Really gets you thinking about how many different things are out there!


Our school doesn't offer any of these, but it is a definite thing to suggest to the dean!! Thanks!!!

I think those topics are great to discuss in school. I don't know how in depth ours will get, but we have two community health services, but I think that's where it will be covered, by looking at the books. Our campus is smack in the middle of the inner city with a heavy immigrant population and we do some of our clinicals in clinics and also we take our wellmobile out to underserved rural areas and migrant workers. I sure hope they cover sexual orientation and non-mainstream religions.

sorry I killed this thread....I really am.... :rolleyes:

I'd just absolutely Love to get to do what you got to do today Brandy, it sounds so fun to me...but then I guess that's because my family is so varied in religious preferences, it's something that I think would Help so many (and definitely not Just the patients) in the long run....

I have not receive this training through my ADN program yet because clincals don't start till the second week in October. I have work at a couple of the hospitals around the state. In the general orientation for new employees the culture beliefs are always address to some degree. I just thought I would add my two cents.:)

The program I am in has covered the religious beliefs indepth and I really believe this is a benefit. We were tested over these too.

We havent gone too indepth with the gay/lesbian topic though.

They incorporated it when we studied female/male sexuality.

I think being exposed to all this material makes one more aware,

and hopefully more accepting.


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