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I am writing this for advice or any personal experience on the matter. I've worked with a doctor for 3 years. I have been his main employee and he has had some short term employees. So it is a very small practice of myself, the doc, and a medical assistant that happens to be my cousin. I recently resigned after not being able to handle the stress of working for him. He is very demanding and lacks boundaries, calling and texting on weekends and evenings. He is also very inappropriate around patients and staff. He had been making comments to me for a while that I would brush off. But the last week he has come up and started running my shoulders. Asked me to reach into his pocket to get his credit card after I had already said no he proceeded to follow me and ask again. My cousin has witnessed this directly. He constantly brings up me wearing an old school nursing outfit either the white hat to work, and that he wouldn't be able to control himself. And talks of doctor/nurse fantasies. He says inappropriate things to patients and they've been uncomfortable. He's brought up porn to my cousin and frequently pulls up inappropriate videos. I'm not sure where to go from here. Do I just move on or is there legal action that could/should be taken?

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Facts: Employed three years- a good length of time. Witnessed inappropriate behavior. Needed to quit, due to working conditions.

There's a good chance Department of Employment Security would rule in your favor, as these are unfair working conditions, and benefits would be rewarded.

If the employer, the doctor, contests the reason for the severing of ties, an adjudication process would be held with all involved individuals. Usually this is done through a teleconference.

When I went through this process, I had written down everything I could come up with. Names, dates, times, direct quotes, others involved, etc. This is not only a good practice for the adjudication process, writing down the situation in detail is a good catharsis.

These notes should come in handy should other interventions in order to deal with this situation be sought, which could be a viable course of action.

 My empathy to you for having to deal with this, Teepott, and I wish you the best.