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I am currently enrolled in a grad physiology class ....that the CRNA students take their first semester and organic chemistry. It totals 8 credits. I have been told that this phis class is a killer and that it is quite demanding... i have only gone to four days of it, but so far I am following it.

I'll be working baylor which is every weekend 36 hrs/paid for 40 although I am taking 12 hours of PTO about every other week to make life a little less hectic...

Do you all think this will be too much? I have mixed feelings about it. My reasoning upon taking it together is because I want to take the full year of orgo (this fall and next spring) and also biochemistry. I'd like the courses to be on my actual transcript when I apply to CRNA school.... next fall. My science GPA is alright, 3.0 but not great (due to me being a slacker my frosh year of college), but I want to 1) learn, 2) prove to the admissions boards that I can handle the sciences.

What do you all think? Gotta decide by tonight :( It's the last day to add/drop.

Thanks :)


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Oh boy, do I hear you! I work Baylor, I am taking Advanced Pathophysiology, Advanced Health Assessment, and Case Management, plus I have two children and hope to be able to continue their tennis, Brownies and horseback riding (as well as mine). I have heard many stories that people have managed. We'll have to keep in touch with how crazy it all gets....


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I fully understand the being pulled at all ends. If you are committed to it and you are willing to make some sacrifices, then go for it. I killed myself with 18cr's and working full time M-F last Spring. I made it through and got further ahead than I had planned on. Good luck and let us know how it goes!



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So ...I decided to do both. AHHH....... I am crazy :)


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lol........... Aren't we all sometimes :eek: :roll

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