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I would like any advice, guidance, feed back, from anyone who has done this or who has selected candidates for scholarships.

I would like to set up a scholarship fund in memory of my parents.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome. I had been thinking a nursing scholarship. But I am aware there is need by those who are not nursing students. So I am undesided.

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What a lovely tribuite to your parents. Contact an accountant who can best advise you. Most schools of nursing would be willing to assist you in this endeavor.

Contact a schools business or financial aid dept. When my aunt and uncle died, I gave a portion to the PA Nursing Foundation to be used towards scholarhip fund.

From my alma mater, I see that an annunity can be purchased and distribution from that used annually for scholarship.

Criteria for scholarship recepient is whatever you want it to be!

Considerations for scholarship:

1. Second career student with dependent family.

2. Non-traditional student entering nursing program.

3. High School honors student.

4. RN completing BSN or BSN-MSN program.

5. Nursing student who's a single parent.

Our nursing districts yearly scholarship has changed from $500 grant to a book assistance.

MAny programs available to pay for college tuition, but not for textbooks which average $50.00 to $150.00 for some nursing tombs!

Best wishes with your gift!

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Thank you for your suggestions. I brought this up with my husband and he was more generous than me with$$. I will talk to my school financial aide dept. and keep your suggetions in mind. By the way, the nursing dept in our school has and emergency fund for nursing students. It's funded by donations and the money is a grant. I will be donating to this as well. But the scholarship is a memorial.

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