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seton hall's accelerated bsn program

hi everybody...i just got accepted into seton hall's accelerated bsn program for the fall.......i am so psyched!! is anybody planning on starting there in the fall? i would love to talk to you...or is there any graduates out there that can give me some advice or share their experience with me? i'm finally on my way to fulfilling my dream of becoming a nurse...i've only been out of college for 25 years now...thanx much!!:lol2:

ohmeowzer RN specializes in ob/gyn med /surg.

where is seton hall in NY ? i lived in albany county NY and was born in troy.. i wondered if this was the same seton hall? congrats to you !!

Congrats! I've also been accepted to the Accelerated BSN program but at the Georgian Court Campus. Will you be at the main campus? Im really looking forward to stepping in a new direction in life but kind of nervous too. Any concerns about the tuition? its pretty hefty huh? we are supposed to have a financial aid meeting in July but doesn't that only leave us with a couple months to come up with 50G?

Best of luck! Im sure we'll be buddies if you're also at Georgian Court

hi....congratulations as well...i'm going to the south orange campus...wish i could meet you...i know $50,000....ugh! i'm applying for financial aid as we speak...have you received anything besides the acceptance letter? i'm a little nervous...but also very excited at the same time....my email address is quinnie50@verizon.net if you would like to correspond with me....take care...kind regards, cindy

Congratulations! I was also accepted into SHU's accelerated BSN program...and I am freaking about the tuition as well! I haven't received a bill or statement or anything from them yet with the exact cost, but I can imagine it's going to be way up there! I'm finishing up my last 2 pre-reqs right now over the summer. I'm excited for September, but pretty nervous about it...and I've only been out of school for 1 year! so don't feel so bad!


hi...please email me at quinnie50@verizon.net... i would love to talk with you...have a nice weekend....i'm going to my 25th college reunion at villanova this weekend...should be fun.....kind regards, cindy

Bulldoza - I just got accepted to the Georgian Court Campus as well, from the waiting list. I was told I could attend the financial aid meeting tonight, although I haven't accepted the offer as of yet. Did you receive anything else regarding the program yet; ie- orientation or any additional information? Any help ANYONE can offer would be much appreciated!

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