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Seton Hall ABSN 2017


I had my interview at Seton Hall about a month ago and was told I would find out the first week of May. I was wondering if anyone has heard back or knows any other information about the chances of us getting accepted. I am getting very anxious!!

Hi! I got a call with my acceptance on the 26th. Just wondering if anyone else heard back yet?

Yes! I also got a call that I was accepted. So excited

Hi! I was accepted as well! Congratulations! very excited!

Is this for the 14 month program, at Georgian Court?

For those of you who have been accepted, did you already complete all of your pre-reqs? Just curious to see if that's any reason I have not heard anything yet

I still have 3 classes to finish this summer

I have 2 classes to complete!

I have two more classes to complete also

Oh great! Have you received your acceptance package yet? I only received a calling stating I was accepted! I am still waiting for the packet!

Yeah same ! I got a call but no packet yet. I can't wait to get it because I feel like I have a million questions.

I emailed them last Friday and was told we would get our admissions papers by next week! :)

Is this regarding the 14 month program at Georgian Court? I applied and had an interview and still heard nothing back.

I believe it is for the seton hall absn program at Georgian court. I applied, interviewed, received an email to update my current grade status for the pre-req I'm currently taking. But have not heard since then. Someone else that applied called to check the status and they were told they are still reviewing applications. I am hoping that is the case and we still have a chance of getting in.

Yes me too, I still have to finish 2 pre reqs, but this program is my number one choice. We will see what happens! Good luck :)

Did you hear anything yet?

Not yet, I heard that letters will be going out soon. Have you?

I received my letter of acceptance last Friday.