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I could use any help from my fellow nurses. I have gone from a facility that used the very nice and very user friendly (in my opinion) Hewlett Packard computerized vent to a facility that uses the Servo 900c. I am now lost and when I asked question of both my current fellow workers and the RT at my facility, no one oculd give me any help on how this critter works or how to tell what the TV, mode and such other info that is needed for report. I figured out where the RR was and I found where the FiO2 is but that is about all I can get. I found a web site on line that had a free interactive on this model vent but I am having issues with DLing the entire program and have contacted the site. In the mean time if anyone has a cheat sheet that they use for just such a beast as this, i would love to obtain the info so that i do not feel so lost. Thanks!


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