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Okay...first time posting so bare with me. I have no clue if I'm posting this in the right spot either.

I am a mother of two (soon to be three) small children. I was all set to go to Mercy School of Nursing in Charlotte in their evening program, but they unexpectedly shut down. Evening school is really my only option at this point. After way more research that was probably even needed I've figured out that the only night programs are for LPNs. So I've decided I'm going that route then hoping to attend Excelsior to get my RN. I know this isn't the traditional way...nor the way I would prefer to do it (I would rather knock it out with an accelerated BSN program since I already have my bachelor's degree)...however it is what it is.

I know with Excelsior you don't really have clinicals but have the CPNE at the end of the program. So that means you wouldn't have a labor and delivery clinical correct? Is it possible to get that hands on labor and delivery clinical experience on your own? I feel like I may be reaching, but I know I want to be a labor and delivery nurse, and I want all the hands on experience I can get. Any advice would be helpful!


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If it were me, I would worry first about getting through the LPN program and go from there. You really just don't know what opportunities will happen in the future. If you want to get into L&D you'd be better off applying as a unit secretary or something like that in the hospital. Lots of people get clinical experience in L&D and can't get their foot in the door. Having a job in that department would help you with networking which could in the long run be even more beneficial than clinical experience.


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Thank you! I've actually been volunteering at the maternity center for the last year so I do have some "connections". One step at a time is definitely the right way to go I sometimes just get wrapped up into planning things out. Thanks again!