Sep. 30 2013--Starting RN to BSN @ Grand Canyon University


Howdy! Have decided to head back to school and obtain my BSN while I have time on my side. Who knew Universities would hound and hound you, never expected that and glad to have the initial process over with.

I believe I have 12 classes to complete my BSN, which 2 I can possibly test out of, which would be fantastic.

Not sure how hectic the 5 week semesters will be, guess time will tell.

If you are a Grand Canyon student, would love to hear from ya.



Hello Scott, I am also looking into GCU. Initially, I really liked the sound of the 5 week courses and the possibility of finishing in 11mos (already took statistics). I am just finishing my ADN in VA and it has been very strenuous on my family and I. When I spoke to the advisor at GCU, he mentioned 1paper/wk in addition to Db assignments, and possibly an end of term paper. I actually enjoy writing a lot, probably a little too much. Now I almost just get frustrated because I spend way too much time on them and not enough time with my husband and children. They just suck me in. Needless to say, I am battling out the thought of laying low on my "over-achiever" side and pushing through GCU to graduate faster OR choosing a longer program that may be more spaced out in assignments. I can only go by hear-say, so I am trying to do as much research as possible. Here in VA, most facilities have gone Magnet so getting my BSN now is definitely a must, regardless. I wish you much luck in finding out about GCU as many posts I have found were a little outdated. Hopefully we find out something soon!

Hoping for the best,


Has 10 years experience.

I was in VA before we moved to Nicaragua. If you are strong at paper writing, this is prob a very good fit for you. I believe there are no exams in the core nursing classes--just a lot of writing and then the group projects!!

I'm only in the 2nd week of the first course, so I can't comment on the whole course. But like I mentioned above, if your a strong writer/researcher...course would be to your advantage