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Hello all,

I've recently decided to apply to Sentara after I graduate from TCC's RN program in December and I'd like some 411 about the work environment in the ED. Does Sentara require color-coded scrubs for personnel and if so, what for an RN? I have family that would like to start buying me scrubs as presents and I don't want a bunch I can't wear! :D What in particular for the ED, as that is where I will be headed. Thanks so much!!!

~Jessica :smokin:

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Don't you think you're counting your chickens too early. :bowingpur

If you have family that plan to help with the purchase of scrubs....have them wait until you complete nursing school...pass your state boards...get accepted in to the ED program...

The purchase of scrubs can be made at any time. Additionally, with today's ecomony, you may want to wait and see if there will even be a OR/ED residency program open when/after you graduate. Things are changing every day with all the area hospitals (Sentara just closed the L&D unit at the Careplex in Hampton). Not to mention the fact that your program may decide to CHANGE their current colors---to something else by the time you begin.

Have your family hold on to their money...if they plan to help with the purchase of uniforms now, they will help later. :twocents:

Good luck with school!

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I have to warn you that several of my classmates are also going to try for the Sentara ED once we graduate. I think it's like 5 or 6 of them, possibly a few more.

Don't worry, I'm going as far away from it as possible: ED isn't the life for me :)


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Thanks, both of you. Yeah...I'm not really counting my chx before they hatch, I just know where I will be going. I'm focused and have been working on this goal (with only a brief detour as a chef :icon_roll) since I was 14 (14 years). smn2009, where are you working right now? Meriwhen, what class are you in and when do you graduate? I'm finishing up 270 right now, with Bernardini. 'Nuff said. Keep up the good work!!!

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