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Senior Practicum topic ideas


Hello everyone! I am currently in an RN-BSN online program. For my senior practicum I am doing my clinical in L&D. We need to design our own learning contract on a topic we think needs to be addressed or are interested in. I have never worked in L&D so I am completely lost. I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions. Here are examples of previous student's topics:

Developed patient and staff education programs for advanced directives in a long term care center.

Observed and participated in the implementation of Joint Commission's recommended core measures and national patient safety goals in surgical services.

Thanks so much!


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I am interested in knowing how you picked L & D for your senior practicum, which to me should be a capstone experience. Are you wanting to become an L & D nurse? If the answer is yes, then your topic writes itself: What are the learning needs of experienced nurses in the L & D setting. If you are wanting (say) management to be the focus of your L & D experience, you can shape it around that but how much credibility would a nurse manager have if they didn't have L & D experience? I cannot answer that. I would take advantage of what L & D uniquely offers and maybe connect it to what you have done before. For example, if I worked in a public health setting with teen mothers and came to do a L & D practicum, I would link my real life to that setting and I might focus on meeting the needs of teen mothers in labor and delivery. Just some ideas to roll around in your head.