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Hey guys, Im going to the pre health program this fall at seneca and am kinda nervous, has anyone been in this program and know what Im going to have to deal with and is it hard? thanksss


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I did pre health at Durham and loved it. I actually miss it haha.

I don't know much about the pre health program at Seneca but I think they're fairly similar from school to school. I believe it's considered high school level work so that you can upgrade previous grades you have or get credits you never took in high school.

I personally felt it was a good way to "wean" yourself back into going to school (I had been out of school a few years before returning to school)

I took the pre health and science program at seneca 2 years ago. I enjoyed it, though it is A LOT of work!!! I didn't take chem, bio or math in high school past the required grade 9 or 10 (can't remember). Talking to student who did take those courses in high school the pre health program is harder then high school, it goes into more details. The professors are amazing in that program (unless Peter still teaches math, then get ready to teach yourself). Overall you will need to study a lot!!! There are amazing tutors on campus if you require further explanation, i had the tutor teach me everything in math!! I ended up graduating with honors and getting accepted into both RPN and BScN programs at Seneca.

Pre health is a waste of money and it limits you on the schools you can apply too. I took Pre Health at Seneca and was told i can only apply to Seneca college RPN and BSCN program. The Pre Health program at George brown and Humber does not even let you apply to their BSCN program. For what its worth, you are better off saving your 4000 dollars, taking the courses at night school or online through ILC and that way you have more options in what schools you can apply too, also they don't mark as hard. I am a nurse now and i hate the fact that i spent so much money on pre health program 4000 in debt is not worth it. Save that money for actual Nursing school.


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Pre health isn't a waste of money if it helps you get where you need to be. However with that said, I didn't even pay for mine as it was covered by the government. I did mine at Durham college through the continuing education department.

If you call Durham you can speak to their CE department and they'll give you all the necessary info.

From there I was able to take my pre health certificate and apply at any school. I applied at Durham, George brown college and centennial (I could have also applied at Seneca but it wasn't a school I was interested in personally).

My pre health course at Durham college was 22 weeks long. It was a bit condensed but covered all the course material. We did chemistry, biology, math and English. If you already had a credit from high school then you could be exempt from that class (there was a girl who didn't have to take English and a guy who didn't need math).


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Also the reason that you couldn't use pre health to apply for BSCN is that it simply doesn't meet the pre requisites required to enter the program.

Durham also had another class (I forget what they called it) that was specifically designed to prepare you for university since the requirements were a bit different for those programs.

Look around, there are quite a few options available to you and it doesn't have to be a huge expense either. Honestly I loved my pre health class. The CE staff at Durham was very helpful and really made themselves available to answer your questions and help you succeed.


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do you mind telling me whether the course code of your english class was EAC150 or EAC149? as well as well your math course. was it MTH 135 or MTH 136?


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prenursingbeauty - wondering how you are liking/enjoying/hating the pre health at seneca? I am seriously thinking of going to this school as this program will get a person into both BsN and PRN, if grades are achieved of course. When I applied to schools for Jan 2014 (and then decided to postpone my education until Sept 2014) I was accepted into this program so confident I can get in again in a few months. Thanks for your help/advise in advance.


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Yes is true. I have called them and they said the Pre Health Science class at Seneca allows you to apply to either Practical Nurse or Bachelor of Science Degree. For the Pre Health Science Class, you need to maintain a GPA of 3.0(70-75%) Each course can’t be lower than 70%. This Pre Health Science Class cost almost $5000. You can also go to Adult Learning Centre to get all your prerequisites courses for free. (YES FREE!!!) This route may take about 1 - 2 years to complete depending which level you start at but the good news is you save $5000. These courses will count toward your high school transcripts, which allow you to apply to any College/University.


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There is no way I would spend that much money on the pre health program when I can do all of the courses for much less through ILC or an adult learning school. Also, I can apply to any college/university.


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Hey prenursingbeauty,

Sorry I am unable to answer your question, rather I actually have a question for you. I'm guessing you went ahead and started the prehealth program. How is it so far? I've applied to the pre-health program as a back up plan in case I don't get accepted into the RPN program. If it's not too much to ask, how come you decided to take the prehealth? is it because your high school marks weren't good enough? Because my high school marks were terrible.. And how is the courseload? how are the professors on campus? You're at the king campus right?

Thanks in advance,