Sending HESI A2 Scores to multiple schools


Hello everyone,

I've been searching all day through forums & websites trying to find out how to have Elsevier send my HESI A2 scores to two schools. No answer. Not from them and there is very little information on forums. So with that being said, does anyone know who I have to contact to get this done. I haven't taken the test yet & I would have imagined that you could just check your schools whenever your taking the exam like College Board does, but I don't know. Any enlightenment would be great!

-Thank you

I already called Elsevier at their 1-800 number but I keep having to leave voice messages because all their operators are busy!


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Btw, I will be attending Nursing college in Houston & the two school that I need to send my Scores to are Prairie View & University of Texas Houston.

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