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He everyone, is having a booth at the ANA convention at the end of June in Minneapolis. We are in the process of making a breif video for our exhibit, our video designer has requested that we ask for photos from our users that we could possibly use in the video presentation. So please send your digital photos of you in your work environment or at your computer using

Please send them as an attachment to the following email address: [email protected]

Please use the following subject line: member photos

Also, if you would like to send in a brief testimonial of what you think about that's be great as well! :)

Please also include your username and your mailing address. If we use your picture, we'll send you a small gift in return. Thanks you for your time and participation. We are under a short deadline, so please send us your photos by no latter than Tuesday the 8th of June.


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Kewel !!! :D

What a nice idea... will see what I can dig up. :)

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please note, your identity will remain private, we will not include your name or username along with your photos, it is for mailing purposes only, your name will not be shared with anyone. we respect everyone's privacy and will keep your information confidential.

the photos are for a montage of nurses in a short video presentation, we basically just need to have a bunch of photos of nurses for the video, to convey hundreds of users online communicating with each other, we could just grab random pictures, but where is the fun in that?

btw, we will have a copy of the video presentation available for all your viewing pleasure after the conference. thanks again!!!

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