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Hello, long story short I ended up getting convicted of my first DUI today. The BON knows everything about my case, treatment I have done, etc. I'm just wondering if I'm suppose to let them know about my conviction? When I applied for my license I told them I had a DUI case pending so I didn't know if I needed to update them on the guilty conviction or if I just wait till I reapply for my license in a year. Only reason why I'm not sure is because I haven't been a nurse for very long so I don't know how things work and I already told them about my case prior to applying. Any help please, I just want to make sure I do the right thing. 

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Well, the cat was well out of the bag when you self reported the arrest. As you have already self reported the arrest and pending court case it only makes sense to update the BON on the results of that case. If the BON decides on any kind of disciplinary action it will be to your advantage to continue with  the full disclosure that you began when you reported the arrest.  On the flip side if you don't report the conviction after you had already reported the arrest it will look like you are now tying to delay or avoid the potential consequences

If you have not already obtained a lawyer familiar with licensing issues I suggest you get one to help you through the next steps. 

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