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Self-quarantine required? COVID

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A nurse friend has more than likely been exposed to COVID-19. She was with a friend Friday who, the next day began experiencing symptoms and today, even more. Should my friend stay home from work (in home care) and self-quarantine until that person gets tested and is negative?

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

Has 15 years experience. Specializes in OR, education.

Your friend should reach out to employee health if the agency has one or management for guidance. It is possible they have protocols in place for these scenarios.

Kelly King

Specializes in Ned-Surg.

I agree. She is hesitant as she doesn't think it is COVID as her friend "doesn't go anywhere" but obviously she does as she was at her house. I work in a hospital and also know personally people that have had it. I am 95% sure her friend is positive.


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