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Recently gained my registration as RN after IRON course.I tried to applied in hospitals,however my applications was refused.may be the approached to selection criteria wasn't good.Could you please give me some hint in how to address the selection criteria.Thank you

1.Demonstrated utilisation of various communication styles to effectively interact & negotiate with patients, carers ,other care providers, hospital clinicians immediate team members and other stakeholders.

3.Understanding of team nursing & demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of the multi-disciplinary health care team with an emphasis on service delivery quality of care & team cohesion.

4.Demonstrated ability to effectively prioritise and organise own workload.

5.Ability to embrace change and contribute positively to enhance person centred care with a commitment to quality improvement, practice development and evidence-based practice.

6.Demonstrated ability to work in a multidisciplinary team.

7.Ability to work withink a multidisciplinary team.


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IRON - Initial Registration for Overseas Nurses.

As you are in Australia (I am ascertaining this from your username - Sydney?) then please use this link which can help you write your selection criteria: Fact sheet 5: Addressing selection criteria - APSC

Selection criterias are simply proof that you understand, have practiced and have evidence (anecdotal) of that practice. Don't embellish or exaggerate. Be honest and highlight your strengths while showing confidently that you are well and truly capable of the position advertised.

If you have been rejected by past employers, there may be a common demoninator behind these rejections. Perhaps enrol in an English speaking and writing program at your nearest TAFE; you may speak very good English however, as your original post conveys, it is clear you lack some grammatical understanding. This may have impinged on successful applications?

Good luck to you!


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Hi WinterLilac,

thank you for your effort . I appreciate it .I think i should double check first before i send it.hehehe.Ps it was my real name.rubyin sydney