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Selection Criteria- Evidence based Pracitice


Hey Fellow nurses,

I have a question that I could really use your help on. I'm writing selection criteria for the first time and I'm having trouble with a particular question.

Demonstrated clinical knowledge and experience in the delivery of evidence based nursing care within the practice setting

I understand the question and obviously as a nurse I use evidence based practice every single day with every intervention I do. But I'm really having trouble coming up with one specific example that I can explain into detail with something that had a very specific response. Could any one help me with some examples just to get me on the right track? It would be highly appreciated!

joanna73, BSN, RN

Specializes in geriatrics.

The question seems a little vague. Who is the target population? Setting? Your clinical knowledge varies considerably depending on many factors.

You could explain medication management and the purpose of using three checks. Infection control and hand hygiene. Falls prevention strategies as a means to reduce emergency room visits in the senior population.

The list is endless depending on what you're examining. Does that help?

Hi Joanna73,

thank you so much for the quick reply. And yes your right I was a bit vague. I'm actually applying for an emergency nursing position and my experience has been mostly acute/surgical. There are Definitely endless answers which is why I'm having so much trouble. What they usually would like is one very specific response where I went above and beyond using evidence based practice. And it had to be something that elicited a positive outcome that could be measured.

thank you,


OMG, Im doing that same question right not for grad program. Thank God someone asked already

nursej22, MSN, RN

Specializes in med/surg,CV. Has 36 years experience.

Have you ever championed a new intervention or process based on evidence? Again, infection control is big: preventing CLABSI, CAUTI, hand hygiene. Reduction of med errors, falls, connecting patients with primary care or case management to reduce ER visits? Has anyone ever given you kudos for a particularly challenging case?