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Selected as AF Nurse--Now What??

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I'm happy to say I was selected by the board in March and am going to Kadena AFB in August. I don't go to COT because I'm a former AF officer, which should make the process easier. However, my recruiter doesn't seem to know when I'll get orders (he thinks possibly 30 days out) and what I need to do to prepare for this PCS other than reinstate my security clearance. Anyone have any ideas?

My husband and I can't put our things in storage or prepare for this move w/o orders. I can't get medical clearances for me or my family without some sort of "status." Feels like I'm spinning my wheels and with my recruiter being new to this job I'm not super confident in what he's telling me.

Anyone know what to do??


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Are you going in as a specialty? Also where is your recruiter located? Mine is also new and I was just curious as to whether or not if we have the same one.

Yes, I'm going in as NICU. My recruiter is from Southern IL.


Specializes in Labor & delivery; High Risk OB; Reseach.

My recruiter is at Wright Pat. Close but not the same. Congrats!

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