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Select Specialty Hospital in Atlanta

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Hello everyone. I am new to this board and was wondering if anyone could tell me about select specialty hospital in Atlanta (i.e. nurse-patient ratio, staffing, uniform policy etc.) Any help would be great. Thanks


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I work at Select Specialty In Johnstown PA. it is a corporation and they are suppost to all have the same policys, nurse patient ratio is usually 1-5 but you may also have to cover LPN assessment and IV meds. at our hospital we have select uniforms with there logo that was instituted about 3 years ago the gave us all 3 uniforms and were told if we needed any in the future we were to buy our own form them. since then they have decided to just go with a certain color. and of course no open toes shoes or crocks, no visibe tattoos, no ear piecings, to me they spend to much time worring aboubt the dress code that they do about important issues. I would be interested If the Atlanta Select has any different policys. Hope this was helpful

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