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I was offered a job as a select case manager as I have not been able to start my new job as they say they are to busy to orient me?? I have been waiting several weeks. With 4 kids in college I need to work alot LOL. This position is salaried. My hubby said they work alot of hours and work like dogs.

Does anyone know someone who did this or does anyone here do this now? I would be glad to hear from a nurse from select who works the floor as they would know I am sure.

Thanks for any input you can give me,


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No replies..........renerian


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What is a select case manager? Just curious?

Are you looking for a case management position in the Columbus area?

You suggested Care Star for me in an earlier post....I contacted them, no positions in my area currently. They do have an opening in Columbus.

Have you ever done hospital CM?

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No bailey I have never done case management in that setting but have done it in home health for over 10 years.

There was an ad for Carestar in this weeks paper in this area? If you want I can dig it out of the trash and give you the exact county they want to cover. Let me know.



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I knew I would run into you again. I am grateful for your responses that I had earlier. Case Management is what at some hospital. I suppose I knew I wanted to be a nurse when I married someone sick. They sure progressed and I am thinking of my's so hard to be supportive but I have been doing my best. I just wish now that this thing has happened it will enlighten me about this issue. Please ask around remerian and keep in touch. My spouse is wanting me to go to a small shop where they have always known us....but I am sure that every single shop is or has to be on a network by law. I cannot pick her up and I am at my witts's Friday....anyway thanks again. If it's allowable I will give you a e-mail about this subject so I can get some sort of answers...but then again...I have interrupted you enough, Nurseken:o

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