Seizure Durations


My intubated patient is having a focal seizure (right lower extremety jerking movement) according to his doctor. We have a seizure monitoring sheet to record the type of seizure, duration (in minutes or seconds), interval, interventions, etc.

My collegues observed that the patient moves his right lower leg (like kicking) for around 3-5 seconds, then after a few seconds interval, it happens again. Is it ok/appropriate that we record that focal seizure in 3-5 seconds as they had observed?

Can you share some Seizure monitoring sheet, patterns on how to assess & record them?

Thank you.

Recording "type of seizure" is technically and medically not advisable unless you have an EEG reading to correlate the patients movements, behaviors, etc with their EEG reading which an Epilepsy Neurologist should be reading. As an RN on an Epilepsy unit we record what we see ie "LLE movement noted with fast back and forth plantar and dorsiflexion lasting approx 5 seconds, without putting a label to it.