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Seeking the Right Nursing Career

Shelby71 Shelby71 (New) New

Previous experience includes an LTAC and Neuroscience. Difficulty working with Techs that don't want to do their job and working on micro managed floor. Every employee is looking for another job. Frustrated and feeling like floor work is not for me. Looking into various specialties - not looking for Mother / Baby or ICU. Previous interest in Hospice but see unhappy nurses there also. Any ideas? Need to make a change soon.


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By neuroscience, do you mean a hospital inpatient Neuro floor? Just trying to get a feel for what you've done before making recommendations? What are some things you did like about different environments?

What is your current work environment that everyone wants to leave?

RNperdiem, RN

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If you hadn't ruled it out, I would have suggested ICU. We can manage just fine without techs. Micromanaging depends on your managers and individual workplace norms.

Are you sure you don't want ICU?