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Seeking for personal experience

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Hi nurses:

I am male nurse from the UK. I have a diploma in clinical nursing from Ethiopia with some years of practical experience. However, after I moved over to the UK I was made to re-train because my credential was lower than a degree. After three years I have acquired a Bsc degree in Adult health nursing.

Now, I am married to a US citizen and have moved over to California. I had to move quickly to be with our daughter and my wife. In the process of exploring the equivalency of UK RN license to the US, I can see some differences; the UK nursing training being a specialist from the start while the US training is a generalist. It means my theoretical and practical experience in pediatric, ob/gyn,Psychiatry will be absent. My training in Ethiopia seems to address the shortcoming from my training in the UK.

I would appreciate a response from a UK trained nurse(Adult health nursing) who had gone through this journey and is willing to share what his/her journey was like. Or if anyone of you know anyone who has been accepted.

Many thanks for taking your time to drop your thoughts..

Silverdragon102, BSN

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CA are very strict so meeting requirements may be difficult especially if you feel that certain areas will be lacking. All you can do really is apply to the BRN and see what they come back with and if courses are required then spend the time trying to find somewhere to take required courses

Thank you Silverdragon102 for your time. It seems, as a foreign graduate the path to registration is much harder than I anticipated. Sure, I will contact the BRN( I guess you mean Board of Registered Nurses, right?). My objective is to get as much info before I lodge my application. I still will appreciate to hear a first hand experience from someone who had gone through the process recently.

Thank you one again.

I recently acquired a license in RN with CA BRN. I am looking for an RN job in San Diego city and this will be my first job since I moved over to the US. I stayed at home taking care of our daughter for almost two years. Now, going back to work has become daunting. I have been sending out applications and I am booked for two interviews in Medical surgical (Full time) & Medical Oncology - casual. I would appreciate if:

1. If someone who works in this area define how causal is different to perdieum?

2. What are the most commonly asked employers ask during interviews( Where I come from, the questions focus on the current issues that currently influence the healthcare system such as healthcare infections, patient safety....).

3. What is the rate of pay for someone who has more than two years of experience?

I appreciate for taking your time to give me some tips...