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Seeking info about NYC OR's - really need advice!


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Hi -

Desperately trying to find out info about the OR"s in the city -

I just moved back to the city for a position and, unfortunately, feel I need to quickly look for a new one!!!

I live in Manhattan and would love to hear any info / opinions about the dept. heads, staff, environment, lounge/locker rooms, etc...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


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Well I know that the NYU hospital OR is always hiring (or at least last summer there seemed to be a good in and out of nurses). I interned there so I don't have the exact low down of the environment because of course everyone was nice to me :)... but it seemed like a good working environment,.. not too much friction between different staff members, its a very busy OR, almost always filled and cases are just back to back but everyone was always relieved for breakfast break and lunch break, the little perks like chairs were always available :D, scrubbing in was rotated between the nurses but there is also a good handful of very experienced scrub techs, most people after early rotation when they begin pretty much settle into one or two specialties, wonderful team leaders always walking around to help, locker room small but clean, had their own lunch room/cafeteria thing, it is a teaching hospital so sometimes the OR's get overfilled with med students/residents which is annoying if you're in one of the smaller theatres.

Good luck finding that new job!


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Thank you!

I came from upstate - so I may be spoiled with by the ambiance -

I am just a bit disappointed by initial visual:

dirty lounge, no lockers available for new employees, someone sleeping in a chair, it just felt unprofessional - but it is NYP Columbia - It has to be better than it seems...