Seeking info on NYC OR'S...

U.S.A. New York


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Seeking info on NYC OR"S -

all boroughs -

mainly major centers...

Going to NYP/Cornell open house for the OR-

but would love to hear inside information -

Finally trying to moving back to the city!


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I had an internship at the NYU Medical Center - OR. It was 18 rooms I think,.. very busy. they were doing some construction on some of the rooms to expand them but they also have a handful of small rooms which gets crowded very quickly with med students and such. The nurses were friendly,.. they had a lot of young nurses there but also a good amount of older nurses. Some doctors were very nice,.. but others were very demanding and when they came in the room they wanted the show to start in seconds which in some cases was just impossible. Yes there was some yelling and demeaning tones used. But again,.. you'll find that everywhere. When you start working there I think you work in different specialties for a short while then they try to match you with the specialty you like and then you'll continually do those kind of cases with a preceptor. They have scrub techs who are the nicest there, but the nurses do rotate scrub and circulating positions. They do liver transplants. Umm,.. and overall I found that the rooms were never too serious,.. you have to be on your game and keep your eyes open, but talking, joking, playing music was usually acceptable.

They have rotating shifts,..what I mean is that sometimes you come in at 7am and at others you come in at 9 am (i think).. usually those who start late are the people who will be relieving others for lunch/breakfast breaks so they float around the OR all day. Every monday/wednesday they have an inservice so you get so start an hour later.

good luck finding that perfect job!

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