Seeking info about Four Winds Hopsital in Westchester


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I got an interview at Four Winds Hospital. I was hoping you folks can give me insight about the place. I heard good things about it from previous threads but they're several years old.

How do they treat the patients? Is it just a warehouse to milk insurance?

What is it like to work there? Is it a positive environment or toxic or they work you to death?

How is the administration? Are they supportive or a bunch of tyrants or just a body to them?

How good is the orientation? Is the training comprehensive or do they throw you to the wolves?

Could I make a career here or it's a place to get experience and move on?

I thank you in advance for your help.


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Well, I can tell you from 2019-2020 Four Winds was a rather unpleasant environment for a lot of us. It's a family owned business and the woman who inherited it from her father appeared to regard any spending as painful. So the buildings were falling into disrepair, the units were chronically understaffed, there was no art/music/OT of any meaningful kind, and the formulary was reduced to a handful of the cheapest generic medications. Probably the most distressing aspect was the profound lack of experience in the clinical departments. The MHWs, RNs, NPs and SWs were literally a week out of school when they started taking on patients. Hey, they’re cheap and don’t know any better, so it’s not like it’s their fault. But it really felt like the constant turn-over was a disservice to the patients and staff. The administration wouldn’t even pay for CPI or MOAB training for the staff, so 18year old aides or 22year old RNs were thrown in with troubled and volatile kids without being given any instruction on how to de-escalate or manage behaviors. It was a mess.

Oh, and the computers were absurdly out of date; there wasn’t even an eMAR.  Orders were done by 25yr old NPs with ballpoint pens on carbon paper… in the year 2019. It was unbelievable.

The whole time I was there I just kept hearing about how “brilliant” the medical director/ owner was. But when I would watch her private driver drop her off at the admin building with her perfectly groomed “rescue dog,” it made more sense as to why insurance coverage dictated when a patient gets discharged rather than how they were actually adjusting to their meds or how close they were to their baseline. The owner would burst onto the unit in her $1,000 shoes amid [literally] a dozen med students scurrying around her, bark some orders at us then flit off again. Meanwhile, we were told not to put a patient on 1:1 because “there’s no staff available.”

Like any institution, there were some great employees and at times some great work was being done with patients. But it appeared almost superfluous to the administration’s real objective of ever increasing the amount of cash flowing into one person’s pocket.

The unions have improved the care in so many hospitals in NY, it’s kinda a  shame the employees at Four Winds haven’t taken one up. It might be the only way to get some of the profits to benefit the patients and clinical staff. At least that’s what I think

Hopefully that answers some of your questions, even if it is a few years late!