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Seeking AGNP program

by lindsieshae7 lindsieshae7 (New) New Nurse

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Hey everyone, 

I am looking for advice, Dos and don't's of online Nurse practitioner programs. I have been in a program at south university but all it is just read these chapters, do these discussion boards, and then test with absolutely no additional lecture info. I am looking for an online program that has online lectures, even if this means I would have to be online at a certain time weekly for a class, ect. I am not one who learns best by simply reading and the program I am currently is making me feel very ill prepared. 

Your assistance in program reviews will greatly assist me!

Thank you in advanced!!  

How long have you been in their program? Are there programs at local schools? Most colleges won't accept more than a certain number of credit hours so this is important. How are you doing in the classes you've taken? What are your grades? Because those are also important if you're considering a transfer. Also, take into account most colleges are going online or will be soon due to an uptick in the virus. And lastly, where are you located? That may help in the responses you get.


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Welcome to the online world of education. I have never heard of such a program. I am sure there must be one or two out there like you're describing. I will ask my nursing instructor friends if they know of any programs like what you're searching for. 

I feel the same way about my program as well. We are basically teaching ourselves. I genuinely like the convenience of the online setting, but I do miss the classroom lectures and the Q & A experiences with professors. Online is just not the same. 

Good luck and keep safe!