Seeking Advice -- Do I even stand a chance?

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Hello all,

Thank you in advance for reading my lengthy post. I am a rising fourth year undergraduate student at majoring in Biology. After a slew of personal challenges (a few are addressed in my first post that I won't repeat here), I managed to raise my cumulative GPA to 2.94 my third year, with nursing prereqs grades of:

A in Microbiology

A in Developmental Psychology (Life-span Human Development)

B- in Physiology (A- in Lab)

and Public Speaking and Anatomy w/lab to be completed in this summer and fall, respectively, at my local community college. I am currently taking other filler courses at a community college this summer and fall to raise my cumulative GPA to at least a 3.0 with the hopes of transferring directly into a BSN program in Spring 2016/Fall 2016. (I will probably retake Physiology in the fall as well)

In terms of healthcare exposure, I have taken the Emergency Medical Scribe class and ER Technician class that has given me the opportunity to shadow hospital staff and allowed me to directly interact with patients (administer IVs, EKGs, collect blood for labs, splinting, urinalysis, etc.) for a total of ~130 hours. I also plan on volunteering at a hospital this summer/fall.

Realistically, I know my goal is pretty much beyond reach--considering my noncompetitive statistics as a candidate and how highly impacted BSN programs are-- but I would like to know if there are ANY BSN programs in the US that I would even be CONSIDERED in. I do not mind relocating at all. I am also prepared to apply to ADN programs as well, but would like to exhaust any direct BSN options beforehand.

So, after reading all of that, do you think there are any programs that I stand a remote chance in?

-The Optimistic Realist

PS. Sorry for the surplus of information; I'm just writing out everything I can think of that might be useful. Thank you, once again, for taking your time to read this, and best wishes in your life! :)

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Honestly I believe a lot will depend on if you can get an A in anatomy over the summer.

Just speaking from my own experience, I didn't get into the nursing program the first time I applied even though I had improved my grades a lot and had good recommendations. I think they wanted to see my persistence and commitment by reapplying.

I don't think it's unrealistic for you to get into programs if you don't mind a possible waiting list. But you really do need that A in anatomy imo. Someone with more knowledge might reply better though! Just trying to share some hope.

My school really didn't seem to weigh my volunteer and CNA training background in much. I heard from other students that didn't get in the first time too that you need to keep talking to them and reapply and they like that.