Security & safety issues - using dogs!

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Many hospitals are using trained guard dogs

now as part of their security systems. The local hospital here in my community has one that walks around the exterior and interior of the hospital. It's been really effective in reducing violent episodes. The local hospital also has a pet therapy program, so we are use to having dogs walking around. I love it!!

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What a great idea. Not only are dogs a deterrent to violence in a protective way. Animals also have a calming effect on almost everyone - health care providers as well as patients.

Hi all. Here's just a quick story my wife told me - she got it from a nurse lecturing on nursing and the law. Apparently some hospital's ER was having lots of problems with patients and "visitors" acting out in one way or another - threatening behavior, etc. So their security department got themselves a german shepherd dog (whose name I believe was "Bupkes" - means something like "squat, nada, zip, nothing", in Yiddish). So the next time somebody gets cute and tries to take over the gurney that they're restrained on, in comes the guard with the GSD. Bupkes gives a sort of restrained growl, and that's the end of that! Apparently works every time. And you get to have a nice doggy around, too! Where do I sign up?

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