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Second guessing, Nursing? Sonography? NICU?

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Long story short, it's looking like I could start my nursing program in spring 2015 or go for a sonography program in fall 2016. I hate my current job and want a real career as soon as possible, but I don't want to dive into nursing if I can't handle it.

I was extremely motivated and thought I would be able to do and learn anything.. try to get past my fear of not being able to get an IV going, being responsible for a life.. etc. However I had a loooong period of hiccups after getting accepted into the nursing program and now I have to re-apply in September. :bluecry1: I'm so annoyed by everything that has happened that I seem to have lost my motivation for all things nursing.. and have been looking into sonography instead.

Weighing the pros and cons, sonography seems like a much "safer" option for me. I've worked with computers and technology since I was 10, it would probably be a lot of fun for me to learn. I could still work with pregnant women and babies (the reason I chose nursing) and I wouldn't have to hurt them!

I had a really strong desire to go into nursing after I had my first child and was so amazed by the care of my nurses that I wanted to be just like them and help others. I then thought it would be wonderful to work in the NICU with the tiny babies that need help.. until I had my second child who needed to be in the NICU. Now I know what an extremely rough road that is, and it seems the nurses there have desensitized themselves to the babies.. however maybe that is how you have to be to get things done. One nurse even laughed at me because I chose to defer a shot for my tiny baby until a later date, as she was getting so many pokes all day long and I wanted to give her a break if at all possible.

I thought nursing would be a good switch up for me as I'm used to being on my computer sitting on my butt all the time. But maybe it's too big of a switch for me to be successful.

Sorry I am all over the place.. I'm just trying to figure out what to do and need any insight from those who know more than I do.

Thank you for reading my novel and for any information!!

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Sonographers, especially sub-specialists (e.g, echo cardiography) are in high demand in my area.

As for nurses being "desensitized" - it is a function of professional boundaries. Think about it. If we are emotionally interwoven with our patients & their families, we aren't able to function effectively. Do you want us to dissolve into a puddle of tears along with you or react quickly as a skilled and knowledgeable professional to effectively manage the crisis?

Hello snowy5,

Did you decide to pursue sonography? I am going through this EXACT same situation now. I am looking at applying to a sonography program for Fall 2016. I have many in the nursing field in my family, but chose special education. Now, I would like to change careers and I work as a CNA now, and thought I wanted to do nursing, but ended up not doing a program 2 years ago. I did not like LTC CNA scope at all. I am very connected to sonography and radiography just through experiences with the staff and hold them in high regard. I do see job openings where i live, but not nearly as much as nursing. However, there are only 3 programs so they won't be pumping out as many grads either.