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Hello all!

I have just begun my education as an fnp, my program is one class at a time in four years. We have a 'spirited' two year old and are thinking about another. I am wondering if anyone else has gone this route while in school? I dont want to wait until clinicals, or the beginning years of a stressful career so I am thinking this is the time. If we wait past school and two years of work that is a 8 year difference between children and ill be 36 (which is not too bad, but bleh!)

Any tips on surviving or stories about pregnancy while in school. I was actually told by a fellow student that her adviser for the acute care program said, "Do NOT get pregnant while in school." That seems very inappropriate to me..

Husband is saint with our son and is prepared to haul his but out of bed this time :)

Hello! Yep, I had baby #2 my first semester of FNP school and will be having #3 at the end of my 2nd to last semester. I am fortunate in that I am not working (I go to school FT and have accumulated mucho student loans) so I don't know if I would have/could have done it if I was working also. I took a semester off after #2 and will be taking a semester off after #3. If you plan it right and have the baby during/right before a semester that's didactic only (no clinicals) that would be ideal and you wouldn't have to take any time off at all. But you can still charge right through and do clinicals anyway, depending on how quickly you heal after delivery. All of my professors have been so understanding and they all reiterated how many of their students have had children in grad school. So long story short, you can absolutely do it and I don't recommend waiting. Good luck to you!

I too am 31 and anxious to start my family but torn between knowing the efforts required from school/work/family! I plan on starting the ANP in Aug 2013. I want to plan a baby in the late summer next year so I would have my maternity leave from work for 3 months, and start the program. The program is 2 1/2 yrs first semester has NO clinical!! :) Any comments or recommendations for me? Thanks for "listening"!! :)

I have two children myself ages 5 and 3. I have completed 1 year of my 3 yr program. I say do it while they are young and not involved in time consuming activities. I have to plan my clinical time around transports for preschool and getting kids on and off the bus and have found this very difficult. At least here as an infant your not missing much when tied down to a book and such, having more active and involved children I find myself up late many nights completing homework. If you wait for school you might find it harder. I don't regret going back to school as my children are young and won't remember much of this stressful but gratifying time! Hope this helps. Best of luck to you!

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