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Hi,....and Help,

Can someone out there help a guy who has been a frustrated accountant/financial type, for years, when I have always wanted to go into nursing, (both my folks were and are Social Workers, my dad taught Social Work at the local University at the graduate level for 30 years)...but feared some of the same issues and stigmas that plague you guys today...

I am obviously not the first to look for some interpersonal meaning in a profession, but with the burn-out rate in nursing much higher than some of the worst administrative, data-nazi, middle mgmt. positions, (along with per-patient ratios pretty much unregulated, and being pushed to the limits of human tolerance and beyond, by fat greedy hospital/healthcare execs,) the pronounced pecking-orders, (as with any workplace, but more so in single-gender dominated professions), along with the obligatory catty-backstabbing working environments, and now a coming invasion of cheaper and much more compliant immigrant Nurses....sounds pretty ducky to me!!

Any kind, honest, or brutal, or all the aforementioned... thoughts here??


PennyLane, RN

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See my reply on your other post.

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