Hi! I have 2 yrs of telemetry/med surg experience and I am looking for a job change. My job is extremely stressful and I am quite unhappy- spilling over into my life outside of hospital. Our ratios are often 5:1 or 6:1, many total care pts and little CNA help if any. I'm exhausted! I HAVE to make a job change. I am thinking of switching to acute care dialysis w/ Davita or possible home hospice nursing. I have a 9yr child at home that is most important to me. I wish I had a nurse coach/adviser to direct me in my next step in my career. I became a nurse- RN at 45yr, and my experience at this point in current job is almost making me regret my new career choice. Only thing I like about working at the hospital is having 4 days off. I feel that I am experiencing burn out already- I am a day nurse often at work till 9pm instead of getting off at 7:30pm. Any advice would be appreciated??? I am stressed, exhausted, and feel lost. Please help!


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VNA or office/outpatient nursing would be good options. Also working for outpatient mental health or developmental disabilities is another option


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thanks for the response, What is VNA?