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Searching for RN manager/leader/supervisor to interview for final semester capstone course

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Are there any RNs here who oversee other RNs or caregivers who would be okay with me interviewing them via e-mail? It's needed for my final semester capstone course.

I could also do the interview via this article if it's easier. I would like to add, I will need your e-mail and the facility you work at in case my instructor would like to do a follow up to confirm the interview.

The questions are as follows:

First and foremost, what is your position and where do you work as a team leader/manager?

When it comes to leading what management style do you use, or find most effective?

How do you go about implementing change in the work environment? What is an example of a change you implemented? Was the change successful?

How does leadership fit into your role?

Do you currently belong to any nursing organizations? If so, how long have you been a member and how active are you?

How do you communicate important information to staff?

What are some examples of conflicts you have been involved in, and how did you solve these?

What educational background do you think is necessary for a nurse manager or leader?

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I bet if you reached out to local facilities, you'd find a nurse manager or 2 willing to sit down over coffee for a face to face interview. This would better serve the purposes of the assignments for a few reasons:

1. It is much easier for the one granting the interview to sit and talk while you take notes- less work on their part and since they are doing you the favor of being interviewed, that's only right

2. It allows you to verify that the person you are interviewing is truly a nurse. While the anonymity (even if limited) provided by not having to use real names on this message board is nice in that it allows for a bit of venting, it doesn't mean that anyone who would respond is actually a nurse

3. It would allow you to form a local networking connection. When it comes to finding the first job, WHO you know can help over WHAT you know (which would pretty much be the exact same as every other new grad)