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Yes, I live in Los Angeles and will be graduating from my LVN program in June/05. I want to enter an RN program immediately, but do not want to go through another 2-3 semesters of school in order to get my RN license. Does anybody know of a private school, or program, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY CHARGE, that offers an LVN-RN program without getting a BSN. I would like to get my RN license as soon as possible. Thanks. :uhoh3:


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Just about all community colleges who have an RN program offer the LVN-RN program. It's not advertised as an LVN-RN program but once you apply it asks if you want generic admission (starting 1st semester) or advanced placement. (LVN's who start in 3rd semester) I am an LVN who is about to take the LVN-RN bridge program in June. I attend Antelope Valley. As soon as you finish pre-req's for the RN program you have to take a 5-week LVN-RN bridge program in the summer and then you go straight into 3rd semester. If you have additional questions don't hesitate to ask. Good Luck!

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