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Searching for info about the north/northwest Denver area

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by kat29 kat29 (New Member) New Member

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It looks like we will be moving the family to the Denver are in January. My husband is being transferred to Lafeyette and since I've never been there, I'm looking for some information about local hospitals, schools of nursing and school systems.

I am an ICU nurse with MSN and 9 years experience. I currently teach full time at a school of nursing and continue to work PRN bedside to keep up skills. I would prefer to keep teaching but it looks like faculty jobs are not plentiful and the universities prefer a PhD, which I don't have (yet) but it is in my 5 year plan. So some questions....

Where are some safe, family friendly towns/neighborhoods with good schools within a 40 minute commute to both Lafeyette and Downtown Denver (in case I end up at a hospital in town)? My kids are 4 and 5 so parks and other children are important. Nightlife is not. We'll be renting at first so keeping rent in the $2000 range would be nice (we're still in sticker shock- coming from Atlanta).

Do any of you recommend/not recommend particular hospitals/ICUs? Schools of nursing (most likely community colleges since most universities require PhD) ? Again, I would prefer to teach full-time and work bedside PRN but I am willing to just work more PRN hours at the bedside (even as a traveler) if I have to. I don't need benefits- only $$$ ;-) and unfortunately, night shift is not my friend.

Can anyone give me information about how PreK and Kindergarten work there? Where I am coming from, PreK is state funded- runs from 730-2 and then my daughter stays for after care at appx. $65/week. My son has Kindergarten from 8-3 (state funded) then is picked up by his aftercare center (also $65/week). How does the schedule there compare? Costs?

We're being forced to move on very short notice but not being given much of a choice by my husband's company (unless, of course, he wants to look for another job) so any and all information is greatly appreciated.


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I lived in northwest Denver (Westminster) for 7 years before recently moving out of state. Louisville (pronounced Lewisville) is a great town - a few years ago it was voted "best town to live in the US" by some national magazine. Lafayette is also good, and you might look into Boulder as well; it's not a convenient commute to downtown Denver, but it's improved quite a bit now that they've finished that express lane on highway 36. I really loved living in Westminster a lot - I lived just a couple miles from I-25 and 36, so it was very convenient to get to downtown Denver, Boulder, as well as Fort Collins. If you do look into Westminster, I would try to stay north of 92nd Ave - south of there it gets more urban and rougher, with lots of pawn shops and adult bookstores (but some AWESOME taco trucks).

Primary schools - the only districts/areas I'm aware of that have a really stellar reputation are Cherry Creek and Golden. In my opinion, it's all about the individual teacher and the student whether it will be a good experience or not. My son went to elementary school at the neighborhood school, which I think got a 4 rating, but a lot of that was because we lived in a very blue-collar neighborhood and the majority of the students who go there are first-generation English speakers. But we had an EXCELLENT experience there.

Hospitals that are convenient to that neck of the woods - pretty much anything from downtown Denver and north. There are a LOT of hospitals in Denver. Denver Health, St. Joe's, PSL, North Suburban, Good Sam, Avista, St. Anthony North, I'm sure I'm forgetting a few. All of them are good hospitals (St. Anthony North just built a beautiful new campus), but I've never worked ICU so I can't speak to that. Did you have a subspecialty like cardiac or SICU?

Front Range CC is located in north Westminster and has a nursing program, you might look there for employment opportunities. Good luck! Your first priority should be housing - it is a VERY competitive housing market in Denver. With your experience you should be able to find a job without a problem.

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