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Seacole verus Nightingale

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i got into a mini argument over who should be admired more- mary or [color=#0000cc]florence..

i personal say mary as i prefer her easy, hands on approach, rather then the structured "know your place and the rules" for good service that florence practiced..

what do you guys think?

or do you hold another nurse in higher esteem?:dance:

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I do admire both, but for different reasons.

Mary Seacole was only responsible for herself and her own actions, therefore she could be more easygoing. She did not have the same level of responsibility that Florence did.

Mary was a warm hearted lady who took care of some wounded soldiers at the same time as Florence. She also put some of her entrepenurial skills to work in lodging and feeding people around the battle zones.

Florence Nightengale revolutionized Army health. Florence fought against a family who did not want her to study nursing, against doctors at Crimea who did not let her near their patients, against military incompetence. Florence and her nurses turned those deathtrap military hospitals around once they got to work, and Florence had the statistics to prove it.

Florence was a leader of her time. The command and control approach was the norm.

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