SDSU nursing program - alternative choices


Hi all,

I'm currently retaking classes and waiting to turn in my packet for Fall 2010/Spring 2011. I feel as though my chances aren't that great in getting in. I am wondering what are some of your back up plans? I don't think private schools are the best choices for me because I can't afford it.

I've decided to continue taking courses at SDSU and possibly double major (if that's possible) or minor in Child Family Development. While doing so, I've also applied to Grossmont college and planning on speaking to a counselor about my qualifications for their nursing program and be placed on their waiting list. I'm also thinking of applying for CNA over the summer so I'll be able to apply at City College's nursing program and Southwestern.

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Hi! :waving:

What makes you think your chances aren't good? It took me two tries but I finally made it in. It's great that you're retaking classes, and it sounds like you have excellent plans.

Have you spoken with someone from SDSU's School of Nursing yet? They're extremely helpful and will tell you exactly what needs to be done to improve your chances.

All the best!!!