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Specializes in Critical care, Med Surg/Tele, Psych, SNF.

Anyone else apply to the MSN APRN program?

Hey y'all! Just asking if anyone has also applied for fall '24 for the MSN APRN program? Let's connect! Hopefully we get in, it's the last year for the MSN program before they switch to a DNP program. 

I sent my app in early October but all of my recommendations had submitted by early Dec, (deadline was the 15th). Anyone heard anything back yet? The program person told me they're pretty quick, I've been checking emails and mysdsu like crazy. 

34 months RN (ICU, med Surg) 
2 years LVN (SNF/psych) 

4.0 ADN GPA, 3.86 BSN GPA. Last 60 credits came out to 3.76 I think. 3.6 CGPA

Good LORs from previous prof, previous MD I worked with, and previous supervisor. California resident. 

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