i'm in the hunt for cheap and i mean cheap all white scrubs. i don't need them right now but i'm trying to get ideas on where to find them. o and to find a cheap sthescope. otherwise i'm going to have to either change my major or drop out completely. i've found some on ebay for $56 and thats for 4 pairs of pants and 4 tops. i guess that would be enough to start off with in the cna class. so my questions our do you think that is cheap for 4 pairs of pants and tops? or do any of you know where i could get them cheaper? and do any of you know where i could get a cheap sthescope?


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Have you ever looked at the web site for Uniform City? They have a whole section called "The White Stuff" and it's cheaper than the prints and even the solid colors. If you're needing several things, the shipping probably wouldn't be too bad.


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Are you sure you need 4 of each? I used one top and one bottom for my CNA class. You probably don't need it for the class, just for clinicals and at that, I washed it each day when I got home and had it ready for the following day.

Especially since you probably won't wear them again, it doesn't make much sense to buy so many. KWIM?

If you do need that many, however, you might want to check Walmart. I heard they are very inexpensive, but they are not very soft and tend to itch a bit.

You should check and be sure you need a stethoscope too as the facility usually has one you can use if it is too much of an expense right now.


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