Scrubs episode with Rick Schroder as a male nurse


I like watching the show "scrubs", funny and I get to see all the little things that we have at my hospital that are in the show.

I was watching some old episodes with Rich Schroder as a male nurse that got involved with Dr. Reed. It was fairly belittling toward male nurses, they had him wear pink scrubs, called him a Murse, made fun of him putting a patient on a bedpan, made it an issue with Eliott Reed dating him as he was beneath her, etc.

He was the only male nurse character that I remember seeing, but I don't recall the show belittle Dr reed for being a woman, or am I just not in tune enough to notice?

But they did have him stand up for himself, he said something towards, he's a good nurse, not going to defend the choice, etc.

At work, I've had people ask me if I'm the doctor, then ask if I was planning on going to med school, you know the usual :D


p.s. I still like watching scrubs, even if the show is a little silly sometimes :clown:

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I've always liked Scrubs. Remember when Carla was doubting herself and someone said just break out that "crazy nurse memory" and she just rattled off everything that was going on with every pt.


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With all the unrealistic medical shows out there, Scrubs was the most realistic to me in terms of nursing. Carla didn't take crap from the doctors, and really portrayed how it's possible to have a good relationship with ALL coworkers.

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