Scrub store in Dallas


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I've been looking for a scrub shop in the Dallas area that has a large selection to choose from. I need to go in and try them on, I have terrible luck buying online. I am new to the area and haven't had much luck with google. I am a little intimidated driving in this big city, so I figured I would ask the pro's.

Thank you.:D


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There is a decent one in the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco-Preston/121. I have been told about a good one in the Grapevine Mills Mall, too.


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Not sure what part of Dallas or how far you want to drive but there is a scrub store at Town East Mall (Mesquite) and one outside the mall across the street. There are also a couple of store at Valley View Mall (Dallas, not far from the Galleria).


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Thank you both for the info. :)


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Not sure where in Dallas you're at but there is (or use to be, haven't been there in a while not sure if still there) a scrub store in Tanger Outlet mall in Terrell. Ive been in the shop and they have cheap scrubs. Not sure of the brands they sale this was before I was actually needing scrubs (just starting nursing school) so I didn't pay attention.